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Why Us?

At Growing Stars Daycare, we treat each child as a self-sustaining individual, even as they learn to walk, play, talk and express. Each activity that we will be engaging the kids in, is aimed at improving their all-round skills. From identification of common symbols, alphabets, numbers and images, to reading and writing skills, we aim to bring out the best in your child. From Pre-school training to tuitions for all Boards to art activities, we have it all here.
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Growing Stars Daycare is really for the Super Mom of today - the lady who has to juggle several balls at a time and yet, doesn’t want to compromise on her kids’ upbringing.


We are her first choice.


We ensure we prove that we are her right choice.


Growing Stars Daycare is also for the couples who sacrifice their time out, because their kid has to be tended to.

Leave your kids to in our safe and caring hands and live your life’s special moments guilt-free, because we leave no stone unturned to make your children as comfortable as if they were at their homes.

Go to the movies, binge on shopping, attend that so-important meeting, give you aching back some spa time, completely care-free, with the knowledge that your child is having awesome fun at

Growing Stars Daycare.


The safety of your child is our top most priority - so we have installed CC TV cameras around the facility to keep a watch over the kids and ensure their safety.

Every teacher is instructed to ensure that the safety of the kids be their top-most priority, second to none, and that whenever a choice has to be made, it be in favour of safety.


Our premises are hygienically maintained with proper cleanliness and tidiness - because we know the floor is the child’s playground - and it is one area that we do not compromise on.


We also maintain complete cleanliness of all the toys and tools used by kids regularly with regular dusting and sanitising.


We engage in-depth with our prospective teachers to hand-pick only those who are 

  1. Compassionate

  2. Patient

  3. Experienced

  4. Caring

  5. and Responsible

Our teachers and caretakers are hand-chosen by Manisha Sunder after great deliberation and background check.

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