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About Us

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Nestled in a quiet corner in Lane E of Koregaon Park Pune, is Growing Stars Daycare, a 1000+ square feet playschool with amenities for your kids that will make them say,


“Abhi ghar nahi chalna, mummy.”


Founded by the quintessential super mom Manisha Sunder, this dream daycare was the outcome of realistic problems that she herself faced while juggling between her job, family and son. She knew that she could make a difference in the lives of mothers like her, and she decided to take action.


Thus, Growing Stars Daycare was born.

Thus, Growing Stars Daycare was born

We want kids to feel that this is their second home

The premises of Growing Stars is testimony to the upbringing Manisha has given her son - Jivesh. Jivesh, a talented child, helped her decorate the walls at the Daycare.

As your kids embark on their learning journey, expert teachers & caregivers at Growing Stars Daycare identify their strengths and areas of improvement to give each child a highly personalized training plan to ensure that they feel empowered to make decisions, no matter how small or big.

Our tutions and training activities are carefully planned as per the age bracket of your kids and in most cases, we send your school going kids with all their homework solved and done, so that when they are home, you bond with them without the tension of getting homework completed.


We want kids to feel that this is their second home.

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