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Meet Manisha Sunder.

Manisha, a loving expat mom, returned to India from Dubai when her son was just 5 years old. She had a hard time finding a good daycare that was 

  • Safe for her son

  • High in hygiene standards

  • Offered all-round academic support

  • Was affordable

That was the turning point of her career, when she decided to quit her job as a Marketing Executive with Illuminations, Pune, to plan for a daycare that was affordable for moms like her and offered all the facilities of any international standard daycare.

It planted the seed of 'Growing Stars' in her mind, and this became a reality in May 2019. 

With impeccable facilities at par with international standards, Manisha's Growing Stars Daycare is nothing short of a dream come true.  Knowing first hand how tough it is to leave your child in the care of a stranger, she built Growing Stars Daycare with the passion of a first hand mom. She used her own experiences and resolved to provide all that was lacking in daycares that she could afford and believed that affordable daycare should be the right of every working parent. 

As her mission manifests itself in happy clients who have entrusted their children in her care, she adorns a satisfied smile, and exclaims,

"I thank God for showing me the way. At the end of the day, when I see a happy parent collect their kid from my daycare, my day is truly made; my mission truly fulfilled."

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