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Zumba Workshop - A hit with mommies & kids

It was a rocking Sunday - the 26th of May 2019.

The free Zumba workshop that was conducted at Growing Stars Daycare just made the day for all of us.

We helped moms strengthen their bond with their kids by showing them some awesome dance moves together.

Moms also need to chill and party. Keeping in mind their sacrifices and struggle, on 26th May we at Growing Stars Daycare organized a free Zumba Workshop especially for Mom & kids.

Our expert Zin Upasana Shinde made Moms and kids sway with killer moves! All the moms and kids participated in this workshop with great enthusiasm and fun.

What’s more, the fun didn’t end with Zumba.

Kids also indulged in

  • Puzzle Solving

  • Block Building

  • Hide & Seek

It was a fun day and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank all the moms who participated in this workshop.

Visit out Facebook page to view more photographs.

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